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What is Dodge the Blocks:

The game has a simple goal which is to not get hit by any of the blocks. You can do this by using the A and D keys or the Left and Right keys on your keyboard. The game also has support for a joystick! 


The blocks drop quicker as the game goes along and gets reset when the player dies. It can get increasingly hard and may come to the point where it is impossible (Or is it?)

The background music may make it harder as your wanting to listen on ;)

How to run:

To run the game, all you have to do is extract the zip file and double click on the exe. Its as simple as that!

If you enjoy the game, feel free to follow us and rate the game!

Dont forget to comment below with your high scores!

Enjoy :)


- I turned down the default volume to 20% from 60%  as it seems to rise its volume at the beginning of the track anyway.

- Bugfix: The player would actually be visible this time.


-Added the "Title Logo" on the main menu of the game when you load up.


-Added a Mac version of the game.

- Edited the models to a more detailed version. 

- Bugfix: If the player went to the edge of the map, the player would no longer go through the squares. (Theres no way of escaping now ;) Hehe)


- Added a pause menu with 3 working functions: Resume, Quit and a volume slider.


- Doubled the fall time of the blocks to 2 seconds to make sure that the beginning of the game isnt too hard to allow the difficulty to visually increase.

- Turned down the speed of the character slightly to allow for a smoother movement and so the character isn't bouncing everywhere


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Dodge the Blocks 0.1.3 Windows.zip 13 MB
Dodge the Blocks 0.1.3 Mac OSX.zip 17 MB
Dodge the Blocks 0.1.2 Mac OSX.zip 17 MB
Dodge the Blocks 0.1.2 Windows.zip 13 MB
Dodge the Blocks 0.1.1 Mac.zip 16 MB
Dodge the Blocks 0.1.1 Windows.zip 13 MB
Dodge the Blocks 0.1.0.zip 13 MB
Dodge the blocks 0.0.5.zip 13 MB
DodgeTheBlocks 0.0.1.zip 13 MB

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